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Our Founder Partner, Sonali Rastogi at the HP Skyline 2050 in New Delhi where she spoke about 'Building the Future Skyline - Role of Innovation and Technology'.
18th May 2018: Sonali Rastogi at the HP Skyline 2050

Our Founder Partner, Sonali Rastogi at the HP Skyline 2050 in New Delhi where she spoke about 'Building the Future Skyline - Role of Innovation and Technology'.

7th May 2018: Power Couple – Manit & Sonali Ra ...

CW Interiors features Founder Partners Manit and Sonali Rastogi as the 'Power Couple' of the Architecture Industry.

Manit Rastogi at the IGBC Indore Chapter 2018
5th May 2018: Manit Rastogi at IGBC Indore Chapter

Manit Rastogi delivers a Keynote Lecture at the IGBC Indore Chapter event 'Tatva - The Elements'.

Morphogenesis wins the Futurarc 2018 Awards for their projects "The British School, New Delhi" and "IILM, Noida".
4th May 2018: FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2018

Morphogenesis wins the FuturArc Green Leadership Awards for The British School and IILM, for pushing the limits and definition of Green Buildings in Asia.

Spatial Optimisation in an Institutional Setting_Icon

Spatial Optimisation in an Institutional Setting

Over the last decade, the world we live in has gotten increasingly smaller and more connected, as countries and communities get more transparent and accessible, its implications on the nature of work and hence the workplace are rapidly evolving. New workspaces need to have a far greater emphasis on collaboration and interdependence, so th ...
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By Rahat Varma
The modern workplace is undergoing a paradigm shift of changes in usage patterns and longevity of working hours. We as architects and interior designers need to design space such that the users are more comfortably integrated with their physical surroundings at the workplace. A big contributing factor towards indoor comfort, are the lighting levels. Le Corbusier identified the significance of light in architecture best when he ...
phenomenon of experiential space
By Shruti Gupta
“Like the spider with its web, so every subject weaves relationship between itself and particular properties of objects; the many strands are then woven together and finally form the basis of the subject’s very existence.”                       -- Jakob von Uexkull Man tends to weave relationships with his surroundings; he grasps vital relations to bring order into his world, adapting physiologica ...
Cancer Hospital
By Rahat Varma
Morphogenesis takes on the design of a Multispecialty health care centre, under its corporate social responsibility initiative. This centre is located in the Pan Bazaar, Guwahati and is being set up by a group of doctors to address the high incidence of cancer in the North Eastern region of the country. According to a report by the Indian Council of Medical Research in 2013, the incidence of cancer is highest in this region of ...
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By Susan M Thomas
Sustainability has been the core concept in most well-conceived, upcoming projects in India. In the modern context, the methods to achieve it are validated by computer simulations to optimize the atmosphere in buildings. Vernacular architecture in India built sustainably by incorporating socio-cultural activities in its built form. This response provided a positive environment for the inhabitants. Interestingly, in Kerala, ...
Inside Outside
By Rahat Varma
We, as users of the built environment, spend most of our days in heavily cordoned off spaces, attempting to both be productive during our work day and to turn-off the hustle and relax after work hours. The unpleasant truth is that we do not have enough time to be outdoors and experience what nature has to offer. With the prevalent introverted construction style being applied to most new developments, it is essential for us as ...
By Sonali Rastogi
Safety and security play vital role in Morphogenesis’s design approach to the educational institutions. We approach the issue of safety and security from two angles: the physical safety and the perceived safety. Physical safety has been part of design discourse in India for a long time and consequently, has led to the emergence of guidelines and space standards that need to be abided by when designing an educational institut ...