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14th March 2022: Challenges in the Field of Architecture

Ar. Sneha Sah talks about being ready to accept challenges within the field of architecture, as architects are drivers of innovation and bring a contextual uniqueness to design.

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11th March 2022: Architecture of Sustainability | Integra ...

Ar. Shaju Nanukuttan shares his insights on ‘Architecture of sustainability- Integrated façade Systems at ZAK world of facades South Asia edition.

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8th March 2022: Building Material Reporter | Celebrating ...

Sonali Rastogi interacts with Building Material Reporter as they celebrate International Women’s DAY 2022 sharing 8 stories from 8 different women in design & Architecture.

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22nd February 2022: Amity School of Architecture & P ...

Amity School of Architecture & Planning invited Ar. Kiran Yadav as an external jury for evaluating student’s work in Viva-voice examination.

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