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  • MR

    Manit Rastogi

    Founder Partner

  • SR

    Sonali Rastogi

    Founder Partner

Manit Rastogi, Founder Partner

Graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture (New Delhi) and the Architectural Association (London) with Honours (Diploma school) and Distinction (Graduate school) in Energy and Environmental Studies, Manit is the Founder Partner of Morphogenesis, one of India’s leading award-winning Architecture and Urban Design practices based out of New Delhi, India. Morphogenesis has been ranked for 5 years in running among the Top 100 Architectural Design Firms worldwide by Building Design Magazine, UK in WA100, 2016.

Manit is a Fellow of the IIA (Indian Institute of Architects) and the RSA (Royal Society of Arts, UK). Manit has taught at various universities and been a director of the Sushant School of Art and Architecture as well as the Sushant School of Design. He has been a juror on several design and award juries. Manit is a founder member, The GRIHA Council. As a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of GRIHA, India’s own Green rating system, and as member, Resource Persons Group on Environment and Ecology- Lt. Governor’s Secretariat, New Delhi, Manit works with urban policymakers to spearhead initiatives with an emphasis on environmental sensibility and social welfare.

Sonali Rastogi, Founder Partner

Graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture (New Delhi) and The Architectural Association (London) with a graduate diploma in Housing and Urbanism and a second graduate diploma in Graduate Design, Sonali is Founder Partner of Morphogenesis. Sonali has recently been awarded Laureate of the SIA Getz Award for Emergent Architecture in Asia, Singapore 2014, which seeks to bring recognition to Asian architects, who through their vision and commitment have made a significant contribution in shaping the changing landscape of Asia.

Sonali is member of the Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC), a Fellow of the IIA (Indian Institute of Architects) and the RSA (Royal Society of Arts, UK). She has been responsible for a number of nationally and internationally acclaimed projects. Issues related to the environment and sustainability are at the core of Sonali’s design attitude and her experience and expertise in Architecture/ Interior Design has been recognized by way of numerous awards and accolades. Sonali has recently been listed among the 10 icons of the design world by the celebrated Platform Magazine. She lectures globally, has been a part of various academic and design juries, and been a speaker at events such as The Design Leadership Summit 2014 (New York), GRIHA Conference 2014, India Design ID 2013 Symposium, Women Leaders in India Conference & Awards, Pecha Kucha (Sydney and New Delhi). Sonali is also a founder member of manthan; a cross-cultural platform for creative exchange, aiming to be the voice of the Indian creative community.

  • Shipra Narang

    Shipra Narang

  • TA Vijayasanan

    T A Vijayasanan

  • Nitin Bansal

    Nitin Bansal

  • Ananya Paresh Kanaiya

    Ananya Paresh Kanaiya

  • Divya Mantri

    Divya Mantri

  • Smruthi M Gupta

    Smruthi M Gupta

  • Saanch Kapoor

    Saanch Kapoor

  • Natasha Suri

    Natasha Suri

  • Isha Anand

    Isha Anand

  • John Alok Decruz

    John Alok Decruz

  • Vanitha S M

    Vanitha S M

  • Aakanksha Aggarwal

    Aakanksha Aggarwal

  • Ashulika Arora

    Ashulika Arora

  • Sahaja Chandra

    Sahaja Chandra

  • Aparna Singh

    Aparna Singh

  • Pratik Arun

    Pratik Arun

  • Shamiparna Ghatak

    Shamiparna Ghatak

  • Saloni Wadhwa

    Saloni Wadhwa

  • Shrish Jaiswal

    Shrish Jaiswal

  • Param Dhingra

    Param Dhingra

  • Lakshay Ghai

    Lakshay Ghai

  • Ankitha MN

    Ankitha MN

  • Aarushi Juneja

    Aarushi Juneja

  • Himadri Gulalia

    Himadri Gulalia

  • Siju Kuriyedath Sreekumar

    Siju Kuriyedath Sreekumar

  • Aastha Mangal

    Aastha Mangal

  • Sameer Chadha

    Sameer Chadha

  • Manish Lohia

    Manish Lohia

  • Abhishek Arora

    Abhishek Arora

  • Arushi Marwah

    Arushi Marwah

  • Ridhi Saran

    Ridhi Saran

  • Pragati Agarwal

    Pragati Agarwal

  • Siddharth Joshi

    Siddharth Joshi

  • Savar Suri

    Savar Suri

  • Sakshi Goyal

    Sakshi Goyal

  • Anish Chakrabarty

    Anish Chakrabarty

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    Utkarsh Sharma

  • Susan Maria Thomas

    Susan Maria Thomas

  • Harleen Singh

    Harleen Singh

  • Akriti Kapur

    Akriti Kapur

  • Rahul Grover

    Rahul Grover

  • Tanvangi Asthana

    Tanvangi Asthana

  • Munazza Akhtar

    Munazza Akhtar

  • Shivi Sharmaa

    Shivi Sharmaa

  • Piya Gupta

    Piya Gupta

  • Rahat Varma

    Rahat Varma

  • Amritha Krishnan

    Amritha Krishnan

  • Aakanksha Mehta

    Aakanksha Mehta

  • Gagan Yadav

    Gagan Yadav

  • Sneha Sah

    Sneha Sah

  • Pranav Kareer

    Pranav Kareer

  • Amita T Goel

    Amita T Goel

  • Manikandan KM


  • Neelu Dhar

    Neelu Dhar

  • Ragini Sarda

    Ragini Sarda

  • Sumeet Kumar

    Sumeet Kumar

  • Dipanjan Bhattacharya

    Dipanjan Bhattacharya

  • Shuchi Agarwal

    Shuchi Agarwal

  • Sahil Gupta

    Sahil Gupta

  • Surender Singh

    Surender Singh

  • Sugandha Chaudhary

    Sugandha Chaudhary

  • Shashank Jain

    Shashank Jain

  • Aabhas K Maldahiyar

    Aabhas K Maldahiyar

  • Sunil Jena

    Sunil Jena

  • Purvesh Shelat

    Purvesh Shelat

  • Swati Gautam

    Swati Gautam

  • Shivangni Sinha

    Shivangni Sinha

  • Shruti Gupta

    Shruti Gupta

  • Sanjay Kumar Sahoo

    Sanjay Kumar Sahoo

  • Vinisha Sapra

    Vinisha Sapra

  • Narayan Chandra Barik

    Narayan Chandra Barik

  • Neha Rathor

    Neha Rathor

  • Satish Kumar

    Satish Kumar

  • Ayushi Aggarwal

    Ayushi Aggarwal

  • Sauren Banerjee

    Sauren Banerjee

  • Praveen Dhurvas Raghavan

    Praveen Dhurvas Raghavan

  • Sunny Agarwal

    Sunny Agarwal

  • Rohit Sharma

    Rohit Sharma

  • Ravi Kumar

    Ravi Kumar

  • Rashmi Thakur

    Rashmi Mandal

  • Kamini Sharma

    Kamini Sharma

  • Kishore Changmai

    Kishore Changmai

  • Sharavanan L

    Sharavanan L

  • Balaji Otra

    Balaji Otra

  • Kesava Karthik Kota

    Kesava Karthik Kota

  • Stuti Jasoria

    Stuti Jasoria

  • Aditya Yadav

    Aditya Yadav

  • Raghav Agarwal

    Raghav Agarwal

  • Anmol Ahuja

    Anmol Ahuja

  • Raunak Kaur

    Raunak Kaur

  • Nopur


  • Pranati Jain

    Pranati Jain

  • Aman Jain

    Aman Jain

  • Gaurav Sehrawat

    Gaurav Sehrawat

  • Pradip Kumar Patra

    Pradip Patra

  • Abhishek Bharara

    Abhishek Bharara

  • Roopa Nair

    Roopa Nair

  • Nishtha Dewan

    Nishtha Dewan

  • Rajendra Kumar Jena

    Rajendra Kumar Jena

  • Tripti Mahrotra

    Tripti Mehrotra

  • Ruchi Ranjan

    Ruchi Ranjan

  • Neha Madaan

    Neha Madaan

  • Kanika Malhotra

    Kanika Malhotra

  • Monika


  • Mahafuj Ali

    Mahafuj Ali

  • Saransh Seth

    Saransh Seth

  • Edwin Roel

    Edwin Roel

  • Deepti Mathur

    Deepti Mathur

  • Abhijit Majumdar

    Abhijit Majumdar

  • Kiran Yadav

    Kiran Yadav

  • Arnab Dutta

    Arnab Datta

  • Himani Gaur

    Himani Gaur

  • Neha Agarwal

    Neha Agarwal

  • Rishikesh AG

    Rishikesh AG

  • Spardha Angra

    Spardha Angra

  • Shreya Ahuja

    Shreya Ahuja

  • Gurudatt Prakashrao Meshram

    Gurudatt Prakashrao Meshram

  • Aniruddh Rai

    Aniruddh Rai