Resources today are limited. Our approach is inspired by the evolutionary processes in nature and our belief in creativity shapes all our projects and forms the consistent theme in our designs. We deploy passive strategies by responding to the local climate and ecology and address sustainability, affordability, issues of identity and livability parameters, and are mindful that projects remain economically viable and globally pertinent.

All our designs are unique.

By engaging in a critical dialogue that converges the boundaries of architecture, design and urbanism, we aim to create solutions that are both local yet global; inspired by the specificities of the location, client needs and the community. They must deal with all issues unique to our economics, sociology, history, diversity and our context. 


Trump Towers


Residential Trump 450X266

Corporate Office for Zydus


Corporate Office Ahmedabad Zydus by Morpogenesis

The Woodside


Residential Woodside 450X266

RP- Sanjiv Goenka Corporate Office


RPSG offices Kolkata by Morpogenesis

Integrated Township DBH


Integrated Township DBH Raipur by Morpogenesis

Ananta House

New Delhi

House Ananta 450X280

ITC Surya

Kathmandu, Nepal

Hospitality ITC Surya 250X280

“….Their works are very much rooted into the culture, climatic, social and economic conditions of India…..Sonali and Manit Rastogi’s works put India’s architecture on the world stage. The jury felt that their works will be an inspiration to not only young Indian Architects but also other Asian Architects.”

- Jury, SIA Getz Award for Emergent Architecture in Asia, Singapore

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