GYS Vision

The design brief called for a high rise, commercial development comprising of three high-rise corporate office towers, in one of the prime suburbs of New Delhi, Gurgaon. It aims to provide an alternative with interweaving open social spaces, and closed workspaces. Every third office floor plate, approximately 1200 sq m in area, has a dedicated double-height terrace measuring approximately 450 sq m. The towers work on a three-floor low rise office typology that is stacked vertically to achieve first, a highly sculptural form and second, a variety of spaces in the form of terraces. As the design was developed, it was decided to have one Iconic Tower and 2 identical ones in order to endow the scheme with an identity.

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Gurgaon, Under construction
Client:      Dignity Buildcon
Climate:   Composite
Scale:       XLarge
Size:        18,00,000 sq ft | 10.5 Acres
Cost:       -

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