Pearl Academy of Fashion

The institute creates interactive spaces for a highly creative student body to work in multifunctional zones which blend the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly.

Given the nature of an institution, budgetary constraints on the project necessitated the use of cost effective design solutions to keep within the price points set by the client and yet be able to achieve the desired functionality and effect.

The adverse climate makes it a challenge to control the micro climate within the project. Thus incorporating various passive climate control methods becomes a necessity- such as open courtyards, water body, a step-well or ‘baoli’ and ‘jaalis’ (perforated stone screens).

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Jaipur, 2008
Client:      Pearl Acadmey of Fashion
Climate:   Hot-Dry
Scale:       Large
Size:        2,15,000 sq ft | 3 acres
Cost:       Rs. 1300/sq ft

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