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30th November 2020: WAF Virtual 2020
30th November 2020: WAF Virtual 2020

Manit Rastogi delivers the opening Keynote Address at WAF Virtual 2020 on ‘S.O.U.L.© @ Morphogenesis | Building Resilient Communities’

19th November 2020: WAF China
19th November 2020: WAF China

Jurors Manit Rastogi and Jeremy Smith of Irving Smith Architects decide the winners of WAF China 2020.

19th November 2020: WAF China
18th November 2020: WAF China

Jurors Sonali Rastogi and Benjee Mendoza of BAAD Studio decide the winners of WAF China 2020.

9th November 2020: Construction World Magazine
9th November 2020: Construction World Magazine

Manit Rastogi and John Alok Decruz pen an opinion editorial for CW Magazine on Post-COVID Commercial Spaces


Nature in the City: Bengaluru in the Past, Present, and Future

Abstract: In this talk, Professor Nagendra examines the past, present, and future of nature in Bengaluru, one of India’s largest cities. Though threatened, nature in the city exhibits a remarkable tenacity. She charts changes in nature from the 6th century CE to the present, drawing on original social-ecological field r ...
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By Susan M Thomas
Sustainability has been the core concept in most well-conceived, upcoming projects in India. In the modern context, the methods to achieve it are validated by computer simulations to optimize the atmosphere in buildings. Vernacular architecture in India built sustainably by incorporating socio-cultural activities in its built form. This response provided a positive environment for the inhabitants. Interestingly, in Kerala, ...
Inside Outside
By Rahat Varma
We, as users of the built environment, spend most of our days in heavily cordoned off spaces, attempting to both be productive during our work day and to turn-off the hustle and relax after work hours. The unpleasant truth is that we do not have enough time to be outdoors and experience what nature has to offer. With the prevalent introverted construction style being applied to most new developments, it is essential for us as ...
Delhi Skyline
By Pratibha Chauhan
Place influences architecture and in return, architecture influences how we remember a specific “place.” An image of Paris evokes a certain kind of architectural memory that is completely different than one instigated by an image of New York, Tokyo, Mumbai or anywhere else for that matter. Memorable architecture stems from the place it sits in, relates to its surroundings in an organic manner and subsequently locks itself ...
Smart Cities
By Manit Rastogi
The definition of a Sustainable Smart City to me is that the city of the future has to be zero water, zero energy and zero waste to landfill. We need to start thinking of our buildings and cities as Bazaars (places of human interaction) rather than only as Machines (places of human habitation). So how do we redefine our urbanism as an emergence of interwoven networks? The first thing is to determine the carrying capacity of t ...