Safety and Security

Safety and security play vital role in Morphogenesis’s design approach to the educational institutions. We approach the issue of safety and security from two angles: the physical safety and the perceived safety. Physical safety has been part of design discourse in India for a long time and consequently, has led to the emergence of guidelines and space standards that need to be abided by when designing an educational institution. However, it is the idea of “perceived safety” in the education designs that needs to be emphasized equally if not more. “Perceived Safety” is closely tied with the sense of identity, and a sense of security within the larger space. For example, while designing K-12 schools, we pay a lot of attention on addressing the issues of inter-age encounters to identify spaces that could potentially lead to isolation and thus bullying. A similar approach is taken while designing higher education institutions like IILM in the Greater Noida and Pearl Academy of Fashion in Jaipur to avoid the spaces that might be conducive to Isolation, and as a result to sexual intimidation, self-harm or depression. In IILM, security- a prime condition of the client brief, is expressed through the design where all circulation spaces are open and visible, and there are no dead ends. The courtyards and terraces encourage interaction among neighbours and the visual connection with the street creates a vibrant community atmosphere. Safety and Security also find their way in the design process through the idea of materials. We create designs that allow for recycling of the resources used both by the inhabitants and the building. While doing so, we introduce a proper platform that allows for recycling to be done in a manner that leaves no room for potential harm or toxicity. For example, in the Pearl Academy of fashion, the recycled water is used to create a water body, a step-well right in the centre of the building that serves both as an interactive space for students but also as an emblem of sustainability.