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Morphogenesis at World Architecture Festival 2017 & Dubai Design Week 2017

Our upcoming talks at two of the Architectural world’s premier global gatherings- Dubai Design Week on 15th Nov, 2017, and WAF in Berlin on 16th Nov, 2017.

Almost a decade ago, we became India’s first practice to win a WAF award. The year was 2009, and the project Pearl Academy Jaipur, won an award for the Best Learning Building. Life comes full circle, and it’s significant in more ways than simply Sonali and Manit speaking at this world stage, this year. The Pearl Academy truly kickstarted our approach of “No is More” for every project thereafter… “If one has no available resources of capital, water & energy, how then does one approach design?”. It prompted a majority of the learnings in the past decade, that Sonali and Manit will share in their lecture, this year.

Dubai Design Week: Presenting a stark contrast to the current development norms of the Middle-East region, Morphogenesis uses their deep expertise in passive design for hot-dry climates, to achieve sustainability by a simplistic, low-tech, intelligent use of traditional materials and techniques. Morphogenesis abstracts the vernacular with no resort to mimicry, repetitively succeeds in challenging the myth that green buildings are more expensive to build. Read more about DDW2017


World Architecture Festival: Doubly special given this is the 10th Anniversary of the World Architecture Festival, and for the fact that we have been included in Paul Finch’s shortlist of top 6 not-to-be-missed events at WAF, Sonali and Manit speak on the topic of ‘Transforming environmental performance’- What strategies truly make a difference, and what are the metrics one would use to assess them? Read more about WAF2017

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