The Morphogenesis Monograph

Morphogenesis: The Indian Perspective, The Global Context

Part of the Master Architect Series

Morphogenesis: The Indian Perspective, The Global Context is a monograph that commemorates the 20-year journey of Morphogenesis, which becomes the first Indian practice to feature in Images’ Master Architect Series. Launched globally at the Frankfurt book fair, the book releases in India on 1st March, 2017.

Through this first monograph of the firm’s work, Sonali and Manit Rastogi successfully parlay their global-local expertise into a forceful strategy for sustainable architectural design and urban development. The book documents the firms design approach that inspired by the vast repository of historical wealth of building knowledge and the strong arts and crafts traditions of the region. A valuable learning from the wisdom of the past has been that traditional architecture has always been built sustainably, whether as a response to climatic conditions or a dearth of resources. Today, forces of globalisation and technology have an increasingly marked effect, leading to an emergence of global aspirations and resultant expectations from Architecture. It is this bridge, between tradition and modernity, where the work of the practice is positioned, hence the title ‘The Indian Perspective, The Global Context’.

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These works bridge the gap between academia and practice, weaving together the wisdom of 5000 years’ of India’s past building history with current technologies, to be highly sustainable, relevant and contribute to an emerging identity of Brand India for Architecture. Sustainability, the core philosophy of the firm is understood through the lens of Passive Design, Resource Optimization and Contextual Identity, which make up the three chapters of the book.

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Foreword – Michael Webb | A New Architecture – John Frazer | Essays and Narratives – Christopher Benninger and Dr Vikramaditya Prakash | Introduction – Sonali and Manit Rastogi | Chapter 1 – Sustainability | Passive Design | Chapter 2 – Sustainability | Resource Optimization | Chapter 3 – Sustainability | Contextual Identity | Essay – The Knowledge Practice.

“Around the world, architects are challenged to infuse new forms with the legacy of the past and the spirit of place. In an age of globalisation this has become a critical issue, especially in emerging nations that have embraced generic modernism in their race to catch up…. Morphogenesis abstracts the vernacular with no resort to mimicry, and it achieves sustainability by an intelligent use of traditional materials and techniques…”      – Michael Webb

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